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Library Loot: September 21-28

img_3307One struggle of living abroad is library access. I run an elementary school library (singlehandedly) and I have access to the secondary school, but the joy of discovery is somewhat lessened when you know, more or less, exactly what’s available. I have a library card for my ku* but 99% of the books are in Japanese, which I … can’t read.
(*Tokyo is such a huge and unwieldy city  (pop. 13,617,000) that the metro area is broken down into special wards, called ku. Residents are eligible for a library card in the ward where they live, and the ward where they work or attend school.)

Enter: Overdrive.

Thanks to the magic of technology, I have access to both CLAMS (the Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing, because everything on Cape Cod is nautical-themed) and BPL (Boston Public Library) ebooks collections. (I live in Japan, but I vote, file my taxes, and, yes, get summoned for jury duty in Massachusetts.) The very first thing I did when I went to Boston during my recent trip Stateside was set up a BPL card.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s Library Loot!

From Boston Public Library:


… and from the school library where I work:
Okay, if we want to get technical, I borrowed this at the end of the week before vacation.

I had a lot of reading time this week because it was (sorta) Silver Week… and it rained the whole time. (The whole country didn’t get a five day vacation… but my school did.)

Library Loot is a weekly book blogging meme co-hosted by The Captive Reader and Silly Little Mischief.


7 thoughts on “Library Loot: September 21-28

    1. Well, there are books, but they’re in Japanese (of course). English fiction is usually picture books and early chapter books, or English-language classics. Some bookstores have more variety than others, but they’re not cheap.


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