webcomic of the week

Webcomic of the Week: Balderdash!

Ah, Saturday morning cartoons. The television viewing highlight of my elementary school week. When I was really little, my thing was Power Rangers (not technically a cartoon, but campy enough to “count”), and when I got older, it was Pokémon time.

Now I’m a big girl and I’m allowed to watch TV before school in the morning, but I like to save something a little special for weekends: webcomics! A cartoon is only, what?, half an hour, tops? My favorite cartoon (Steven Universe) is less than twelve minutes, OP to ED. But I could spend hours catching up on a new-to-me webcomic.

So I’ll be featuring some of my favorite webcomics here for you to read!

This week’s webcomic is Balderdash!, or A Tale of Two Witches, by Victoria Grace Elliot. I first learned about Balderdash! when it was featured in Autostraddle’s Drawn to Comics column. Mey Rude, who writes the column, called it “the best webcomic about cakes and witches around.” She’s not wrong.

(The images in this post are used with permission.)


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