judging a book by its cover

Judging a Book by its Cover: The Gunslinger

ea0535a6defd730f788c7e3c9bdd35b91485441730_fullThe other day, I was trying to figure out if the film adaptation of The Gunslinger had a release date for Japan, where I live. (According to IMDb, as of this writing, it does not. #expatproblems) While Googling around, I stumbled across an article (which I can’t even open #thanksJapan) about new covers for the Dark Tower books.

I was intrigued, because Japanese covers are often very different.

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised by the very bishōnen man in black. He’s a strong candidate for Draco in Leather Pants, what with his lankiness and sense of humor. (Whenever I’m trying to explain to someone why I liked Dark Tower, which is really not my usual jam, I tell them about the Wizard of Oz scene. (Ironically, my favorite scene in the series takes place in my least favorite book, Wizard & Glass.))

18003I bought all of the Dark Tower books and read them in three countries (Japan, U.S.A, Korea, and then U.S.A. again) over the course of about a year. My mom sent me the first one, The Gunslinger, in a care package. It looked like this.

At the time, there was no complete set of the series available, so half of mine are in this style, and the other half are totally different. They’re even different trim sizes. Kill me. (Oh, and The Wind Through the Keyhole is, again, different from the rest of the set.)

So imagine my delight/dismay to see the whole new line of cover designs.

They’re so cool! They’re all the same size and design, like an actual series! They’re good, but I don’t quite love the series enough to invest another ¥15,000+ in collecting them all again!

… plus, my weird, battered, mis-matched copies, some of them still wrapped in Japanese bookshop paper and full of odds and ends: a receipt from a Korean Mr. Donut, a ticket stub from my flight back from Tokyo. You know, the kind of thing that accumulates in books when you’re not a bookmark kind of gal.

I wanted to go look at other designs, and I was struck by their similarity. It’s a very iconic book, isn’t it?


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